Recent studies have shown that cough, and acute cough in particular, is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane, chiefly the mucous membranes of the upper airways.

Protecting the mucous membrane from external irritants and from substances produced by the inflammation itself is an innovative therapeutic approach to cough management and an alternative to pharmacological treatment.

An effective therapeutic tool must modulate the cough symptom without interfering with its physiological role as a defence mechanism.

This can be achieved by acting on several factors simultaneously:

  • inflammation, by forming a protective barrier to prevent further contact with external irritants and by attenuating the harmful effect of the free radicals produced by infection, through the action of the antioxidant substances.
  • mucus, by fluidifying it and making it easier to eliminate through the body’s own mechanisms; this is achieved by lowering surface tension and increasing hydration.
Aboca Grintuss